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Convert your livestream to NFTs and earn $STVR on the go as you stream
and your content is streamed. Swap your $STVR for fiat.

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What is Streamlivr?

Livestream Meets Blockchain

Mobile App

Streamlivr is a video livestream app for content creators and everyone that loves to stream and create content of any kind, perform for their fans and earn crypto rewards.

What is Streamlivr Token?

Streamlivr coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Streamlivr platform and ecosystem. Used to incentivize content on the platform as NFTs. It's also used to reward creators and fans

Read our Lite Doc to know more docs.streamlivr.com.

Who are our users?



There are 3 Billion gamers on earth but you play different. Earn in crypto from livestreaming your gameplay on streamlivr.



You can go mainstream by performing live and earning in crpto on streamlivr.


Content creators

The world wants to pay you in crypto for your creativity & contents on streamlivr, don't be left out.

Road Map

Goals and Plans

Q1 2022

  • Project idealization Core team development

Q2 2022

  • Market/Product research Branding

Q3 2022

  • Community development
  • Website launch

Q4 2022

  • Community/Marketing campaigns

Q1 2023

  • App Development

Q2 2023

  • POC launch

Q3 2023

  • Strategic Partnerships

Q4 2023

  • Streamlivr App V1.0 (MVP Launch)
  • User Growth

Q1 2024

  • User growth
  • Token Testnet Launch

Q2 2024

  • Seed Round
  • Mainnet Launch

Q3 2024

  • Streamlivr App (V.2.5)
  • User Growth

Q4 2024

  • Streamlivr App (V3.0)



It's time to join the millions of creators,
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